National Real Estate Services (NRES) is a full-service real estate services firm and a recognized leader in the local market. NRES focuses on customer service with the utilization of technology to provide clients with the highest quality and fastest turnaround times in the market.

Unlike most home rental websites RentalHomeDatabase.com is only part of our larger company. While other sites give you the basic information about homes and apartments, they still require you to do all the work. At National Real Estate Services, we create custom packages for you and your family, doing all of the work for you.

While we offer services to renters and owners of rental properties, we are a full service real estate agency and will gladly assist you in ALL your real estate needs.


1   Property owners and Real
      Estate Agents list their
      properties on this website.  

2  Tenants / Buyers view
      properties online and
      in-person tour.

3   A registered agent from any 
       agency of your choice may 
       assist you with selecting

4  National Real Estate
      services agents in
      selected locations represent
      Tenants in the rental process.

We do not “represent” any party in the lease and/or lease/purchase transaction, until a specific representation agreement has been signed. We serve to educate all parties to the transaction, allowing each party to make the best decision of the choices available. We do create a profile which is included in your offer to the owner and/or agent and as an agency performing credit reviews, your financial information received by us will remain in our confidential files, we only share your credit information...with the confidential agreement of prospective owners and/or agents. Any documentation you wish to provide the owner/agent will be at your discretion and written permission. Where an investor is involved in purchasing a rental property we must first consider the viable long term potential for the property, meaning: will it be a good marketable rental property when your lease has ended. In this situation we will only recommend properties that represent a good investment and meet your rental requirements.
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