Don’t miss the opportunity to list your property on RentalHomeDatabase.com for FREE! Contact us now for your promotional code. This offer will not last long and then one of our two available options will have to be applied to all new listings. Please enter the zip code of your property in the box below to determine the option that is best for you.

List with Marketing Agreement

If you own rental property where National Real Estate Services has an office, not only will you be able to list your home on RentalHomeDatabase.com for FREE, but you will also be eligible for our advanced marketing services. This is a wonderful opportunity because not only will your property now have great internet exposure, we will also market it to people who want us to find them a home.

Here is how it works:





You sign up to list your property at RentalHomeDatabase.com and sign the Marketing Agreement.

Along with listing your home online, we will personally market your home to qualified possible tenants.

When we have placed renters in your home you will pay one month's rent to National Real Estate Services.

Should you find tenants for your home before National Real Estate Services does, there will be a fee of $199 due. This flat fee covers the process of promoting your property to possible tenants as stated in the Marketing Agreement. 
The Marketing Agreement between you and National Real Estate Services is risk free. If you do not approve of the tenants we find for your home, you can reject them before they move in and pay nothing. 

When you create a new listing, you will be asked for the ZIP code of your property. Your ZIP code will determine whether or not you are eligible to list locally. If not, please read about Listing Online Only (option 2 on the right).
Please contact us with any questions you may have about listing your property on RentalHomeDatabase.com. We will be more than happy to assist you.

List Online Only

For homes where there is not a local National Real Estate
Services office, you can still use RentalHomeDatabase.com to create great internet exposure for your property! While you will not receive our personal marketing of your home, it will still be viewable to anyone using the internet in their rental home search.

Prices for listing the property yourself are as follows:

ONE MONTH LISTING: $49 per month

This option allows you to create an individual property listing. Property listings will be activated and published on the website within 1 to 2 business days of creating the listing. You may create multiple property listings using this option, but payment is required for each individual property listing. Your property listing will become inactive 30 days from the date on which payment is made. Expired property listings may be reactivated by renewing your One Month Listing option for each property listing.

UNLIMITED LISTINGS: $299 per month

This option allows you to create an unlimited number of property listings for the period of one month. Property listings will be activated and published on the website within 1 to 2 business days of creating the listings. All property listings created using this option will become inactive 30 days from the date on which payment was made. Upon the 30-day expiration, they may all be reactivated at one time by renewing your Unlimited Listings option. If you have multiple expired property listings under our One Month Listing that need renewal, you then have the ability to reactivate them all at once by upgrading to this option.

You must have a Promotional Code to use this option. You may be entitled to a single property listing or unlimited listings depending on the terms of your Promotional Code. Property listings will be activated and published on the site within 1 to 2 business days. Property listings created using this option will expire when your Promotional Code expires; however, they may be reactivated using one of our available Listing options. To request a Promotional Code, please contact us.



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