Helpful Definitions:

A lease purchase contract is written in several ways:
  • As an OPTION to purchase during or at the end of the lease contract.
  • As a purchase contract with a lease period prior to purchase.

We believe it is important for a tenant/buyer to have licensed representation to guide you through the contract commitment. You will be referred to an agent who is experienced in the various lease purchase contracts and can advise you to the extent of the contract terms.


For Sale by Owner and/or Owner Financed:
When a desired property for lease, lease/purchase or owner finance is available from the owner without an agent representing the owner, we provide a referred agent or property manager to assist the tenant/buyer in the contract process. We believe it is imperative for you to have proper representation in understanding the contract commitment.

An owner financed purchase consists of two licensed parties to complete the transaction:

  • A licensed real estate agent to prepare and/or advise you regarding the purchase contract and commitment.
  • A licensed property manager to administrate the terms of the owner finance contract, protecting all parties as to the compliance of the terms of the owner finance contract agreement.
We will provide licensed referrals of the necessary parties to complete the contract for the owner financed terms.


For Sale By Owner or Agent:

When we have located properties for an investor to purchase and/or present a contract proposal, we refer a licensed agent to assist in completing the contract procedures and represent the investor in the contract commitment and/or presentation

Other Helpful Information:

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See the checklist below for the information you will need to gather about your property to create your listing.

Information that is in bold is required to create your listing. The rest of the information is optional, but it is helpful to potential tenants if you list as much information as possible about your property.


You will need the Adobe Acrobat to open this PDF. Get the latest free version here.

  • A Property Title
    (Choose a name for your property that will capture the interest of potential tenants.)

  • State Where Your Property Is Located

  • Region
    (Select from a list of regions within the state.)

  • Leased By
    (Is the property leased by the owner or will National Real Estate Services be leasing the property?)

  • Listing Status
    (Is the property for rent or for lease with an option to purchase?)

  • Neighborhood
    (Select from a list of neighborhoods within the area of your property.)

  • Address of the Property
    (This needs to be the actual mailing address of the property.)

  • Directions to the Property
    (This is helpful if the most common online mapping services don't provide sufficient directions.)

  • Property Price per Month
    (You have the option to hide the price.)

  • How Many Bedrooms and Bathrooms?

  • Total Square Footage
    (You may also list the unfinished square footage.)

  • Parking
    (Is there a 1, 2, or 3 car garage or a parking space?)

  • Basement
    (Does your property have a basement? Full, partial, or unfinished?)

  • Foundation
    (Is there a basement, crawl space, sump pump, slab?)

  • Notes to the Site Administrator
    (Is there other information that you want to give? This information is not published on the site.)

  • Property Owner Name

  • Is the Property Furnished?

  • Year the Property was Built

  • Property Type
    (Apartment, Single-Family Home, Condo, or Townhome)

  • How Many Levels/Floors?

  • What Appliances and Amenities are Included with the Property?

  • MLS#

  • What Schools are in the Area?

  • A Picture of the Property
    (After you have created your listing, you may upload up to 20 images of the property.)

  • A Map Link
    (Such as to MapQuest or Google Maps)

  • Who Will Present the Property?
    (Will you show the property to potential tenants yourself or will you have an agent show the property?)

  • Metadata
    (There are explanations for these fields, but if you do not put anything in, default data will be used.)

  • A Description of the Property
    (It is helpful to potential tenants for you to describe the property and give an overview of its distinctive features. This is your opportunity to really "sell" your property to potential tenants.)


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